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How good is our Brisbane water?

Monday, July 4th, 2016

So it’s not rocket science that we are educated to drink lots of clean water. These days the quality of your drinking water seems to be far more important rather than simply filling up a glass from your tap. Why you ask – the tap water is sourced from our waterways which in some cases in Brisbane are less than perfect — not so good for you if you fall in one of the areas where water quality is difficult to maintain consistently.

Aging water pipes in your suburbs can increase the content of lead and rust in your tap water. Although Chlorine is added to “supposedly” kill the bacteria – who wants to drink chlorine anyway. The increased amount of sediment (mud), pollution etc all contributes to dirty water available 24/7 from your tap at home “Lucky US!” Don’t forget those floaty bits circling inside your our glass – they are not sparkle’s from clean drinking water that has gone through a quality water filter – now I’ve made you think!!!
Our own serviceman regularly service our client base in Brisbane – we have ranked the 4 WORST water quality areas in Brisbane:
1. Slacks Creek comes in first with thick slime water
2. Capalaba a close second. The areas are old & contains a lot of metal and rust
3. Brendale continuing Algae problem
4. Yatala/ Ormeau heavy smell and taste of chlorine

So now that I have your attention, never fear ‘Endless Water’ is here with our top quality coconut based carbon water filters. For 21 days taste the difference on us for FREE. We will deliver a water cooler to your office on the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas to taste and test the difference of dirty old contaminated tap water to fresh filtered clear drinking water.