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Why one should filter water?

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Just a quickie: What happens when you put goldfish into a fishbowl of tap water? All the fish die. That is why fish tanks come with a de-chlorinator.
So then why are we drinking and showering in this chemical that kills another creature in a matter of hours?
So, we put chlorine in our water to treat deadly bacteria or millions of people would die from infections. So in that light we think we are doing a pretty decent job for ourselves.
But – too much chlorine has been linked to various types of cancer, kidney and liver damage, immune system dysfunction, disorders of the nervous system, hardening of the arteries, and birth defects. Chlorine is toxic and I don’t want it in my family’s system even in a greatly diluted form.
If you get into a chlorinated pool you come out with sore itchy eyes. Imagine what it could be doing on the inside. Let’s start filtering some of these harsh chemicals out of our systems. At Endless Water we have a safe and healthy alternative to enable you to drink filtered clean water to dispose of these chemicals. It certainly helps me sleep at night.