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Stay hydrated & Improve your health by introducing an Alkaline diet

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Good Health

The body Ph level is 7.3 – acidic foods and non-filtered water make it harder fo healthy cells to regenerate. Having an alkaline diet is the key to staying healthy.

So we know how important drinking enough water is to keep healthy & energized. Here is an easy tip to increase the alkaline effect of your drinking water:

It might seem unusual but one of the best ways to improve the alkalinity in your body is to add just half a squeezed lemon into 1 glass of water. The first thing you’re probably thinking is “but lemon and limes are acidic – Right?” – And while the answer is that is obviously YES (citric acid) there are a small number of foods that while they are acid in their natural state, they contain such high levels of alkaline mineral, and low levels of sugar, they actually have an alkalizing effect on the body once you consume them.

Have this first thing in the morning (before anything else) and add a little boiling water to make it tepid to drink. What a reat way to start your day!